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EXHIBIT: We Met in Cannes

On exhibit now.   Sofitel New York will open a small photo exhibition with renowned photographer, Stephane Kossmann. The exhibit entitled “We Met in Cannes,” showcases black and white photos of celebrities on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. “Stephane Kossmann breathes the film festival environment and uses the red carpet like it is his biotope… He creates this own world on the carpet and picks up moments of relaxation, energy and honest personality.” Stéphane Kossmann could have been an American football player. He was built for it. Yet, he became an artist instead. Tall and almost bold, his looks are unmissable. His true strength is not his physical force, but his unique, sharp eye at people and objects, which he captures through the lenses of his Nikon camera. For more than three decades, Kossmann has roamed the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, creating an unprecedented collection of black and white candid portraits of celebrities. His work, influenced by the painters Rembrandt and Mark Rothko, and the photographer Albert Watson, plays with light in tandem with the lines and forms of the human body, and therefore, consists of a unique style that merges the characteristics of photography with those of painting.
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